August 29, 2016 10:55 AM

Polynesian Cultural Center

Concurrent Session—Panel: Disaster Preparedness: Building on Local Strengths and Techniques for Food Security

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Moderator/Presenter: Professor Dolores Foley, retired former Chair of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Hawaii, Manoa. Professor Foley led the initial National Disaster Preparedness Training Center (NDPTC) training initiative in the Pacific starting with the US Territory of American Samoa. Training was designed to build upon traditional and cultural knowledge and skills woven with modern knowledge, science and technology used and applied for disaster preparedness.  Collaborating with American Samoa’s EMS Agency with its territory wide network, the village-based certification training is the template for expanding the training throughout the US territories, the Pacific Islands and global coastal communities.

Bill Thomas, “Pacific Risk Management Ohana (PRIMO), A Consortium of Local, Regional, National Institutions and Organizations Committed to Enhancing the Resiliency of Pacific Communities.” Mr. Thomas is the Director of NOAA's Pacific Services Center and NOAA Office for Coastal Management, Pacific Islands. He is also the Executive Director and Navigator Council Chair for PRIMO.

Kupuna Kalani Souza, “Engaging Indigenous Cultures for Climate Change and Resiliency Wisdom, Food Security and Survival: With National Disaster Preparedness, Atmosphere and Marine/Oceans Knowledge, Science and Technology.” Kalani Souza is National Outreach Coordinator for the Natural Disaster Preparedness Training Center (NDPTC), NOAA PRIMO Indigenous Knowledge and Education Hui elder, NCAR National Center for Atmospheric Research-Raising Voices Elder, Pacific Regional Breadfruit Initiative agroforestry and cultural expert, and food security expert.   

Galumalemana Ifopo Fuapopo Avegalio, “American Samoa NDPTC Village/Community-Based Disaster Preparedness and Community-Based Resiliency Training.” Avegalio is the EMS Chief at the LBJ hospital American Samoa. He is also leading the Community Health EMS Diabetes Demonstration Project working with village councils and traditional leaders.  Barefoot level outreach led by traditional village councils is the most effective means to engaging the vast majority of Samoan society in applying NDPTC disaster preparedness, traditional practices and food security trainings.  

Dr, Russell Ulyeno, National Disaster Preparedness Training Center

Kinsey Mcfadden, USA Col. Retired Med. service

Dotty Kelly, Hauula North Shore Hauula Community Disaster Preparedness

Prof. Dolores Foley

Retired Chair of the Dept. of Urban & Regional Planning UH Manoa
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