August 30, 2016 11:10 AM

Polynesian Cultural Center

Concurrent Session—Panel: Breadfruit Business, Distribution, Logistics and Marketing

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Moderator: Ramsay Remigius Mahealani Taum, whose eclectic background and experience in business, government and community service makes him a valuable asset in both public and private sectors. Ramsey has been instrumental in for-profit and nonprofit business development.

Brett Johnson, Customer Group Manager, West Produce Sourcing, Robinson Fresh, C.H. Robinson, Eden Prairie, Minnesota ($12+ billion dollar in total annual revenues). He is currently the Customer Group Manager for the West Division and leads a team of 26 people who work with 200+ accounts in retail, processing, co-op and wholesalers.  

Fata Avegalio is the Bulk Grower Manager for Robinson Fresh, a subsidiary of C.H. Robinson. Fata leads a business line that generated over $26.7 million in gross sales and moved over 2 million cases of produce for Food Source in 2014.  Fata is a graduate of Leone High School in American Samoa.    

Invited Panelists (TBC): Subway, Whole Foods, Food Land, Costco, Walgreens

Ramsay Taum

Kumu in Residence & Founder of Life Enhancement Institute
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