August 27, 2016 11:00 AM

Polynesian Cultural Center

Panel: Pacific Health, Diabetes and Obesity

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Moderator/Presenter Dr. Marc Shlachter, the first medical doctor to serve between Kahuku and Kaawa north shores mainly Polynesia population where he is an icon of aloha and respected elder, having served there over 40 years, will speak to diabetes and obesity among the Hawaii and Pacific Islander communities.

Dr. Kalani Raphael, MD Associate Professor of Nephrology (kidneys) University of Utah, reports on kidneys, diabetes, dialysis and food causes and preventions. The increase of need for dialysis machines in the Pacific are alarming, and preventable with proper diet.

Sam Choy,one of Hawaii's best known chefs—and formerly one of its biggest at a top 405lbs before dipping down to 210lbs—is not only an advocate against obesity but a passionate leader fighting childhood obesity with the belief that a conscious food community and food culture can help our keiki have a healthier and happier tomorrow.

John Cadman, Maui Breadfruit Co. owner shares how Pono Pies are the result of incorporating ulu with his passion for healthy desserts. They contain no sugar, flour or gluten, eggs, butter or diary of any kind and no GMO. By cutting out processed sugar in his diet and replacing it with healthy ulu-based desserts, those sugars cravings are gone while he experienced weight loss.

Dr. Susan Murch, Professor of Chemistry and Earth & Environmental Sciences at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan, who developed a novel, commercially viable method of mass propagation for breadfruit, significantly impacting the availability of breadfruit to the world.

Please note: Tuesday, August 30(11:15–12:00):Moderator/Presenter Dr. Sela Panapasa will address this session in greater detail with this panel group in the Concurrent Session.

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