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Polynesian Cultural Center

Recognition Award

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Recognizing and honoring of the late Governor Eloy Songao Inos of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, Saipan. The Pacific Regional Breadfruit Initiative (PRBI) was launched in Saipan in December 2013, led by the late Governor Inos and supported by the CNMI legislature. Much mahalo and aloha to the people of the CNMI and Micronesia who, represented by their leaders, voted to endorse the PRBI at the 2013 Micronesian Chiefs Executives meeting in Saipan.


Aloha Global Award: Dr. Diane Ragone. National Tropical Botanical Garden Breadfruit Institute Director, Distinguished UH Professor, PBCP 2013 Star of Oceania recipient, 2016 Garden Club of America Nationally acclaimed medal of honor winner and titular head of the Pacific Regional Breadfruit Initiative.

Aloha Global Ku Award: Rev. Kalani Souza. Kumu and cultural elder of the Pacific Regional Breadfruit Initiative, NOAA PRIMO Elder, Rising Voices Elder-National Center for Atmospheric Research, FEMA University of Hawaii National Disaster Preparedness National Outreach Coordinator, executive director of the Olohana Foundation, a nonprofit focused on community capacity and resilience, and eminent advocate for the values of aloha.

Aloha Global Research Award: Dr. Susan Murch. Professor of Chemistry and Earth & Environmental Sciences at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan, who developed a novel, commercially viable method of mass propagation for breadfruit, significantly impacting the availability of breadfruit to the world.

Aloha Global Navigator Award: Papalii Grant Percival. Visionary, traditional leader, business entrepreneur and pioneer from Samoa who was the first producer and advocate for the health, commercial and export benefits of breadfruit in the Pacific region, who was also honored at the 2015 International Breadfruit Conference in Trinidad and Tobago.  

Global Aloha ʻAina Ohana Award: Dr. Laura B. Roberts-Nkrumah. Professor at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago, leading research advocate and leader for breadfruit in the Caribbean and Latin America with a growing influence in Africa who hosted the 2015 Breadfruit Conference in Trinidad and Tobago.

Global Aloha ʻAina Ohana Award: Craig Elevitch. Agroforestry scientist and internationally renowned author and specialist in Pacific Breadfruit flora and whole systems approaches that weave traditional knowledge and wisdom with modern science and technology. Cornel University PhD candidate.

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