August 30, 2016 8:00 AM

Polynesian Cultural Center

Welcome/Introduction of Key Note Speaker

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Key Note: Chef Sam Choy, restaurateur known throughout Hawaii and worldwide as a founding contributor to Pacific Rim Cuisine. Chef Choy is a beloved television personality and spokesperson for Hawaiian Regional Cuisine known for his generosity and aloha. Among numerous accolades, he was awarded the James Beard Foundation Award, Chef of the Year Western Region, and the Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce Ōʻo Award. Choy has appeared on Ready…Set..,Cook!, Iron Chef America, Hawaii Five-0, Dateline NBC, Chopped, Ming Tsai East Meets West, Emeril Lagasse Live, Bobby Flay Grill and many more food culture shows. Chef Choy currently stars on Sam Choy’s In the Kitchen television series on KHON. For the past several years, Chef Choy has served as “ʻor  Ambassador,” promoting breadfruit in Hawaii, the South Pacific, the US Virgin Islands, and beyond. 

Sam Choy

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